Welcome to our online store featuring an extended inventory. This means not ALL of these products are in the Dallas location all the time. Our Dallas stock room fluctuates according to seasons, manufacturer selections, prices and so on. Please keep turn arounds in mind for orders not stocked or in need of production. However, we do have aproximately 5000 pairs of shoes for you to choose from in the store already! Enjoy shopping knowing we back the products we carry.

For Expedited Shipping please bring to our special attention as addiitional note on order.

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Estimated Turn Arounds: 

KarizmahASK WHEN next order is being placed.12 -16 weeks aprox. depending on line , our min. orders, and holidays.  (KA, KB, KD)  

Eckse: 12-20 weeks.

Evenin' Star: Factory issues, and changes. Call us first.

Pro Dance Boot line: 3-10 weeks.

AMG (formerly Coast/Glide): 18-20 weeks. Factory in CA. Prices have also gone up so much that we will not be stocking as many styles . However, we will still order per request. WE ARE PULLING MOST styles and clearancing out. Call us!

So Danca: 7-10 days if in stock. Back orders and Custom orders about 3-6 weeks.

SWAY/SZEKELY Signature Social Boots: 6 -24 weeks depending. Custom widths even longer.

Diamant: 4-12 weeks depending on stock and customs. NOTE: Shipments have been delayed significantly lately for some reason.

Supadance: 4-12 weeks depending on stock and customs . 

Very Fine : 1 week-10 days if in stock (8-12 weeks for back orders or custom orders).  Signature & CD line: B/o and Custom orders are taking about 3 months.

International: 6-10 weeks


* Ballos: Call List Only. NO back orders possible.  Call for Stock Strongly Suggested before ordering.

 * Ultimate / Comfort Dance Connection Shoes: If not in stk, could take a year or more.. NO ACCURATE ETA'S. WE ARE PULLING MOST AS WISH LIST ONLY!  Call us 1st! We hope this to be temporary, but we don't know for sure.  as of 12/01/17 and still accurate as of current update 01/04/19.