Tall Sway Urban Dance Boot

 Tall Sway Urban Dance Boot. Limited stock . We strongly urge you to call us 1st!   These are flat, flexible  urban style dance boots come with removable straps for creative options and allowing you to tighten the shoe at the instep and ankle if needed. They have a half shank to allow for pointing and a slight 3/4 inch heel for pitch. They were designed to fit different leg types, with an elastic inset to accommodate calf size and allow for flexing of the calf muscle without feeling tight or constricting movement. Also the upper calf strap can be tightened or worn loose.

There is a double padded insole, including a removable in sock.

They are available in sizes 35-42 with a wide option on sizes 36-39. The wide widths  allow for more space at the instep without changing the way they fit at the heel.            Outsole: Cow Suede        Heel: .75″    Height: mid-calf

Sway Urban Dance Boot
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  • Item #: Tall Sway Urban Dance Boot
  • Manufacturer: Sway D'
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