Szekely Signature Dance Boot

NEW! Limited stock still, and they are flying off the shelves.   Suggestion: Call  us 1st!  The Szekely Signatures  have a low thick cuban heel, flexible  urban style and adjustable buckles on ankles and calves so you can also wear them as slouch boots and adjust the calve buckle. Available in black and chocolate brown suede.

 There is a double padded insole, including a removable in sock. They are available in sizes 34-41 with a wide option on sizes 36-39. The wide width allow for more space at the instep without changing the way they fit at the heel.

 Material: Microsuede upper for breathability      Outsole: Cow Suede    Heel: 1.5″   Height: mid-calf

TIP: Make sure once you find your right adjustment with the buckle.... cut off the extra on the edge on an angle and then taper the edges with some fabric glue to stop it from fraying.  This will give you a sleeker look without the straps hanging all over the place.


Szekely Signature Dance Boot
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  • Item #: Szekely Signature Dance Boot
  • Manufacturer: Sway and Szekely Signature
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Price $150.00

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