Heel Caps

Plastic Heel Covers When ordering, give us the shoe style and heel height or part number.

Model P5059 fits: Salsera series 3" heel, Competitive Dancer series 2.5" Flare Heel & 3" Flare Heel, Classic series 3.5" heel, Signature/Party Party/C series 3.5" heel. Also fits KB 2.5 and 3in heels.

Model P12 fits Classic series 2.5" heel & 3" heel (Model P12 will be replacing both Model P1 & P2). Fits some KB 2.5 slimmer heels.

Model P387 fits: Classic series 1.3" heel. Also fits KB216 2in heels.

Model P3 fits: Classic series 2.75"/3.5" Flare Heel, Salsera series 3" Heel, Signature/Party Party/C series 2.75"/3.5" Flare Heel.

Model P2040 fits: Salsera series 2.5" heel, Signature/Party Party/C series 2" Slim, 2.75" Flare & 3" Flare Heel.

Model P5830 fits: Competitive Dancer series 2.5" Slim Heel, 2.75" Slim Heel.

Model PPG fits: Signature/Party Party/C series 2.5" heel.

Model P382 (Ultra Slim) fits: Classic 3" Slim Plated Heel, Limited & Stiletto Heels Edition 3.5" Stiletto/2.75" Stiletto/3" Slim, Competitive Dancers 2.5"/3" Stiletto Heel.

Model PCI fits: Signature/Party Party/C series 1.2" heel.

Model P575 (Tango Stiletto) fits: Any Tango Heels, Limited & Stiletto Heels Edition 3.5" Black Plated Stiletto/3" Stiletto Heel.



Heel Caps
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