Candace Dance Boot

NOTE: Clearance Price only applies to what we have in stock. Inquire first! Limited left, and mostly in tan.  Removing size options in tan since folks are not calling 1st! So, aka, if not avail, size won't come up. In black we have: 35, 37, 40,  and 42 left.  If black is wanted, please mention under NOTES.

SwayD Candace Boot.   Available in tan suede or black.  The Candace's  have a 1.5 cuban heel, quarter shank, weltless,  and with removable belt.  

There is a double padded insole, with a side zipper which is a nice touch for ease of fitting etc. They are available in sizes 34-42 with a wide option on sizes 36-39. The wide width allow for more space at the instep without changing the way they fit at the heel.

 Re : UCWDC Status as of April 2016 :  Currently, it's at a Judges discretion.  {Points may be taken off in the Country Circuit, just as opinions vary on  Country Costumes. } The problem is If a judge doesn't think the boots look like cowboy boots it's possible they could mark a competitor down.

SwayD Candace Western Boot Dance Boot
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  • Item #: Candace Western Boot
  • Manufacturer: Sway and Szekely Signature
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Price $150.00